Core Temperament Concepts and Resources

1. What Are Core Temperament Essentials?

traits that have endured through time are essential for survival and prospering

Core Needs?

Human needs are to be secure, to belong, to be effective, to find the world benevolent, and to maintain self-esteem.

Core Fears

If the core needs are not met, the survival fears kick in. ?An acute stress state results.


Core Values

Core values are guiding principles for behaviors and action. If?you feel out of sync, you are living out others’ values.

Core Strengths

Temperament strengths are natural talents in three areas: work, play, and personal. ?Your calling is based upon your strengths.

1. What Issues Could Arise From Temperament Traits' Dimensions?

knowing your vulnerabilites helps you anticipate and respond better where opossible

Emotional Reactivity

Stressed Out

Emotional Challenges

Time Challenges


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