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I am Dr. Caron Goode, author of this life coach training on empowering transformation and the trainer for this course.?Thanks for checking out?my offer for you. The investment in this educational training is $1200.00. I am offering you the training now with the 75% discount.

That brings your investment to $300.?

Please read on to review the modules and the materials because the training is coming up quickly.?

Empower True Transformation: Life Coach Training



You are a helping professional or a natural nurturer.

You are ready to shine brightly & have additional income.

You prefer a well-researched and proven coaching program.



Attend and participate in the training.

Complete any assignments.

Participate?and get and give support.




You are thrilled to?expand your services to others.

Your strength of heart?provides a safe environment for others.

Your energy makes a difference for their happiness.



Empowering True Transformation: Life Coach tTaining

The foundation is a HeartWise??process approach to help others heal, change, or achieve. Clients know their own answers, but often cannot access them. That is why you offer your mastery and compassion.?Supporting research and philosophies for the HeartWise? process include:

Empowering True Transformation?FAQs

What are the results of the training?

You receive coaching content and coaching practice during the course.?The final certification is your preferred designation depending on your work situation and requirements. Some examples include

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Life Empowerment Consultant
  • Certified Core Temperament Educator (Facilitator, Consultant, Coach)

You move through these stages:

Learn the Core Temperament Essentials model of self awareness, acceptance, and adapting.
Complete the temperament inventories.
Complete the self-awareness model.
Demonstrate competence in coaching?with accountability partner.

Professional listing on the Core Temperament Essentials site.
You are also eligible to become an affiliate of the program for additional streams of income.

What Are The Materials and Tools for Each Coach?

All participants receive the following digital guidebooks, and any accompanying worksheets.

The first set of digital guidebooks are directly related to the core temperament essentials model. ?which are the foundation tools of the Core Temperament Essentials program. (Print copies may also be available for purchase upon request.)
1. Your Core 4 Temperaments Interpretations
2. Fulfilling Your Calling (Why? Passion?)
3. Transform Inner Critic?s Conversations to Compassionate Conversations
4. Leap Beyond Your Comfort Zone
5. Coaching Strengths for Emotional Competence

Are the ancillary materials or tools a facilitator would use?

Yes, ancillary programs that are topic specific are available. These following PDF formats are available.


  1. Coaching Breakthroughs in Negative Emotions (PDF format)
  2. Coaching Breakthrough worksheets and checklists
  3. Time Famine Management
  4. Turn Stress Into Success
  5. Changing Viewpoints
  6. Listening: Active & Reflective
How are the courses offered?

All class sessions are offered virtually on Wednesday evenings. (5:30 PM PT , 6:30 PM MT, 7:30 PM CT, 8:30 PM ET

You will join a conference line via Skype or telephone. Classes are interactive and we process content and coaching during the course time.

You will access the presentation through a specific URL, which changes weekly, on

All presentations are recorded and available to you. All presentations are provided in PDF format.

Each class is focused on the topic or skill, and stays in conference mode for discussion and feedback.

All participants are expected to attend and participate in order to meet the criteria available as a certified?coach.

Explain How A Coach Uses The Program

That Facilitates Inner Healing & Resilience

Steps for Self Discovery Include Query


You provide successful self-discovery prompts like…

How do my core fears drive me?

How can I harness the power of fear and ride it to success?

Why does a big WHY matter in my life?

What happens when the WHY is gone?

How can I identify my needs and learn to ask for help?

How can I?be authentic in my leadership?

Probing is one?coaching concept that?expands the Essential Self.

The HeartWise process is one coaching concept that aligns internal aspects.

Self-Realization &?Self- Acceptance

When a client’s self-awareness extends to self-acceptance, ?self-query becomes normal, like shedding light on darkness.

You and the client focus this realization on the client’s habits and tendencies, leading to clearly define the essentials for healing, well being, success, creativity, or wealth. These could include:

Steps to qualify core genius or calling

Retraining unhealthy thinking or?refining emotional competence

Development of self-compassion?

Finding the still point for consistent balance and practicing daily alignment

Personal Benefits

An evolutionary model for self-improvement, personal growth and transformation, coaching, or business success.

An evolutionary step-by-step training model.
A distinctive position as Core Temperament Essentials Coach/Facilitator the marketplace.
A personal, experiential breakthrough story to share with your clients.
New income streams in assessments and affiliations.
$350 value in coaching tools for this program.
Personal coaching or supervising support to integrate your learning experiences.
A member support forum for feedback, coaching questions, and support.

Empower True Transformation: Life Coach Training


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