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Your Key to Happiness Is Knowing Your Core Temperaments

Have you noticed how the people in your life have different ways to handle stress, talk to children, or manage sticky  situations.

Temperament Theory Is About...

knowing your deepest source of motivation, pleasure, and happiness.

The Better You Understand Yourself...

The better you can direct your life to the right path that fulfills your calling.

Your Core Temperament Explains How..

You are motivated and clarifies patterns of psychological stress.

Your Temperament Clearly Identifies

You  core needs and fears, as well as unique talents that you will likely develop over your lifetime.

Being InTouch With Your Core Values...

That come with your temperament provides your inner guidance system, your GPS, for making great decisions and developing loving relationships.

Take the Temperament Inventory And Learn More...

About your basic psychological patters like the four of eight patterns listed here:  emotional tendencies,  stress responses,  learning preferences, compatibility factors.

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Dr. Caron Goode, NCC

Dr. Caron Goode, NCC


Dr. Caron Goode founded the Academy for Coaching Parents International, which trains and certifies professional coaches with mastery training for coaching life, parenting, relationships, families, or intuitive parenting. She also founded HeartWise Life with Dr. Tom Goode. HeartWise Life is the ultimate destination for the conscious, success oriented entrepreneur with a lifestyle magazine launching March, 2015.

Dr. Goode is an award-winning author of USA News National Parenting Book Award in for Raising Intuitive Children, coauthored with Tara Paterson.  (New Page, 2009). She has authored and published 32 nonfiction print and digital books in coaching core temperaments, emotions, unhealthy thinking, health and wellness, small business marketing, parenting, and relationships.

Coach & Counselor are roles that Dr. Goode enjoys for facilitating empowering transformations in her limited, exclusive coaching practice for personal growth and wellness.

Trainer & Consultant: Dr. Goode inspires professionals to learn and train others in being responsive through three foundational concepts of core temperaments, heart-centered emotional awareness, and empathy.



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